Linger Longer? But Why?

Why am I blogging about Longmont? Cuz they say “Blog what you know.” And I grew up here. If I don’t know Longmont, what do I know? Turns out, not much. I don’t know much about my hometown, astrophysics, or even what my cat is thinking. So if I grew up in this town, and I live here now, why not blog about it? Part of what draws me to this town is the precarious balance between “character” (read: shutdown factories, low-income folks, prevalent train tracks) and upper middle class white bread folk who just want a damn parade and another freaking park! I’ve heard Longmont described as “sketchy.” Yet it was rated as the third safest city in the state, 72nd in the country .  I think that’s kind of interesting.

I explained to a woman that my boyfriend and I had decided to settle here for a while, to which she said incredulously “Longmont! Why Longmont of all places?”

I understand her confusion for while this town is certainly a lovely place, it has a reputation for being a little boring. It’s not a destination locale for up and coming twenty-somethings, which isn’t to say we’re up and coming. And certainly as a child I never imagined purposefully moving here to stay. But in the time that we’ve been here I’ve realized that this town has a lot more to offer than most people think. This blog will highlight those things. It will also poke fun at the many, many, many silly things that go on here. I ask for any and all contributions to either side of the cause. And thus, I invite you to please Linger Longer in Lovely Longmont.


3 comments on “Linger Longer? But Why?

  1. Rachel (Danson) Hegemann says:

    Way to represent L-town! 🙂

  2. Digdig says:

    Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig. I love Longmont!

  3. UJ says:

    You Go Girl!
    You and Rusti get a shovel and start digging in.
    In no time you will find that you have created a life
    and purpose for yourselves. Being familar with your
    surrounding will only help you guys establish security.
    In the 70’s we use to say “take a trip and never leave the farm.”
    This is sooo true in todays world. Create some order out of
    all this caious. Get your hands dirty. Grow beans.
    Eat, Pray, Love. God only knows two prayers; Help and Thanks.
    Be grateful for all you have. Yea, Longmont!

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