Linger Longer? But Why?

Why am I blogging about Longmont? Cuz they say “Blog what you know.” And I grew up here. If I don’t know Longmont, what do I know? Turns out, not much. I don’t know much about my hometown, astrophysics, or even what my cat is thinking. So if I grew up in this town, and I live here now, why not blog about it? Part of what draws me to this town is the precarious balance between “character” (read: shutdown factories, low-income folks, prevalent train tracks) and upper middle class white bread folk who just want a damn parade and another freaking park! I’ve heard Longmont described as “sketchy.” Yet it was rated as the third safest city in the state, 72nd in the country .  I think that’s kind of interesting.

I explained to a woman that my boyfriend and I had decided to settle here for a while, to which she said incredulously “Longmont! Why Longmont of all places?”

I understand her confusion for while this town is certainly a lovely place, it has a reputation for being a little boring. It’s not a destination locale for up and coming twenty-somethings, which isn’t to say we’re up and coming. And certainly as a child I never imagined purposefully moving here to stay. But in the time that we’ve been here I’ve realized that this town has a lot more to offer than most people think. This blog will highlight those things. It will also poke fun at the many, many, many silly things that go on here. I ask for any and all contributions to either side of the cause. And thus, I invite you to please Linger Longer in Lovely Longmont.